Thank you! My Black Cat Blue Sea Award

This must be a million-dollar question: why do people blog? Why put yourself out there, share your words, your photos, poems, thoughts, musings and snapshots of your life? Are you seeking connection, promotion or an audience? Are you motivated to inspire others with your blog, boost creativity in a global community or perhaps you simply want to create an online space that is purely yours.

Hand on heart, I kick-started this blog for all of the above reasons. As I inch forward with it, however, I learn there are additional gifts and this morning awoke to discover a lovely gift indeed: a nomination from Living vs Existing for The Black Cat Blue Sea Award along with a message about how much she enjoys my writing. A huge thank you, Cherylene!

Living vs Existing aims to ‘Enlighten, Motivate and Inspire Change’ via blogposts. Cherylene’s first short story is a sweet tale of two contrasting families, a story with a moral theme at its heart: ‘It does not matter  where you start in this race called life; all that matters is how you finish.’ Predominantly, Cherylene gives readers a glimpse into her life, from sharing her poetry to insight about mind, body and spiritual well-being. The joy she has in her life from her two boys and in her writing shines through!

Cherylene’s response to her own Black Cat Blue Sea Award questions are here. These are my answers to Cherylene’s prompts:

  1. If you could go to any period in time within your life, would you go to your past, your future or would you remain in the present and why? The future strikes me as quite a scary prospect at the moment, what with quite mad political friction heating up, so it’s a toss-up between past and present. I’d like to visit the 1950’s/60’s to experience the upswell of writers and artists I admire in print and film, but also to experience the enormous change in politics and music over those two decades. But that would just be a visit. I could not live without my MacBook and iPhone so, for technological and creative reasons, my feet are remaining planted in present day.
  2. What is your all-time favourite movie or television series? Too difficult. Father Ted and Catastrophe are the sharpest of comedies on television so are favourites. Favourite films range from Some Like it Hot to The Player, O Brother Where Art Thou to Pulp Fiction.
  3. When no one is watching or listening, would you consider yourself more of a singer or a dancer? I’ve been both a singer and dancer but these days, I belt the blues more than pirouette. A singer. Definitely.

I nominate the following bloggers, knowing that all may not respond but hopefully they shall be heartened just by receiving this accolade from a fellow blogger.

  1. Shivamt25
  3. Aroused
  4. Mum’s the Word Blog
  5. Out of My Write Mind
  6. BEXoxoBlog

Questions for these six bloggers:

  1. Why do you rev up the computer and blog?
  2. If Hollywood were casting an actor to play you in a film, which actor of present/past cinema do you see in that role?
  3. You’ve been contracted to write a novel—what would the story be about?

Thanks again to Cherylene—it’s been a reflective and enjoyable exercise to post this, to connect with other bloggers. Gratitude to all who have read this and to the nominees who participate.


10 thoughts on “Thank you! My Black Cat Blue Sea Award”

  1. Agree with the Father Ted, hilarious!
    I don’t do awards and didn’t get any notification … so here goes a quick response.
    Had been writing poems for ages and felt a blog would allow those who liked to read and those who don’t to move on without wasting any forests.
    Don’t really know Hollywood starts but Nicole Kidman is a red haired ozzie, so she would be the closest.
    All my life people have told me to write that novel but I have no idea where to start and what the focus would be … I feel it’s all been said.
    Thanks for including me and sorry to be such a wet rag.

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    1. Hello Ginger–thanks for replying and giving me a glimpse into your blogging world. I salute your focus to write and share your poetry–love the idea: ‘those who don’t to move on without wasting any forests.’ Perhaps someday a novel idea will swoop into your head and your writing will expand to longer creations than poetry; for now, keep writing your lovely poems.

      Oh–and any redhead who also rates Father Ted is, in my opinion, very far from being considered a ‘wet rag!’

      Mind yourself,

      Liked by 1 person

  2. THANKS! 4 Nominating My Blog’s Name,Dear…
    1} I rev Up 2 BLOGGING! As I love to Share positive thoughts out there,Bcoz b4 starting my Blog I met many peoples Around me, who were very Depressed with life & Don’t even love there own life.Bt Touch-hood I’m Motivated person in MySelf.YEH! I 2 faced down bt learned somehow 2 cope up with it & finally landed in Blogging world…😊
    2} If Hollywood were Casting me to play a role in film,I would like 2 play kat winslet’s or Angelina Julie’s role rather then Anyother Actresses…As I like there roles alot in TITANIC & SALT……🙆👰
    3} NO! Not till yet Contracted to write Novel,Bt will b Grateful If in future got that Chance & If I’ll write Story,I would like 2 write My Biography….💻

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    1. Thanks for sharing a bit more about your life…your answers to the questions are rich with tonnes of info about you and why you blog. Fantastic! Keep sharing your motivating words with the world!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. MOST WELCOME! I’ll 4 Sure keep On Sharing Motivational thoughts through My Blog…As the World needs it alot & I’ll too keep reading u’r Blog posts,As It’s also Inspirational😊

        Liked by 1 person

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