Very Versatile

Versatile. I type this word. My immediate association with it is the musical Gypsy, based on Gypsy Rose Lee’s memoir. I hear youthful Baby June then metamorphic Gypsy then, finally, a show-stopping Mama Rose belting:

Let me do a few tricks,

Some old and then some new tricks

I’m very versatile

I learned the entire score of Gypsy aged seven and must’ve sang the words I’m very versatile thousands of times, surely to the point my mother’s head wished to implode.

Twirling sparkly batons in both hands, I slide into splits on the threadbare rug in our sitting room and wished to be a Vaudeville performer. I hadn’t fully realised that I was born some eighty years too late to tour with the likes of the sublime Mae West, incomparable Judy Garland and the outrageous Sophie Tucker.

But I’ve never forgotten once wishing to be Baby June. I was a girl deeply struck by the tragic rise of June’s sister Louise as a wallflower, the neglected sister, who was subsequently thrust into the limelight when June escapes her mother’s toxic clutches. The scene where Natalie Wood as Louise finally realises she’s pretty is quite poignant. Even to me, as that seven year-old girl twirling on the rug.

I digress…

When Cherylene notified that she’d nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award, I heard I’m very versatile in my head. Silly really. But who can fully understand the workings of memory?

Writing this reflective post now, I note the connection between my desire as a child wishing to one day demonstrate my versatility on the stage to the masses with dancing, singing and acting, then fast forward decades and I am here, pretty much doing the same thing on a blogging stage, only with words.

Versatility is a trait I value in others. My blog is very much still in its infancy so Cherylene’s simple act of acknowledging me is honouring. Thanks, Cherylene. Your own blog is versatile in your writing holistically about mind, body and spirit,

According to The Versatile Blogger Award rules, I must reveal seven facts about me. If anyone cares to read on, here’s the skinny on Estella:

  1. I once wrote a novel by accident. Surprisingly, the manuscript was accepted by my first choice from the invaluable Writers & Artists book. Lots of excitement! Too young, too unconfident, I decided instead to pack it away in a shoebox. It’s there now, mocking me, collecting dust. I must unpack it soon.
  2. Motherhood is a mixture of joyful connection and hilarious fun. Gives life purpose.
  3. I grew up engrossed by watching black & white films, musicals and pretty much anything that wasn’t shlock.
  4. I once worked as a carhop waitress.
  5. I have two paralysing phobias. Too frightening to write about them.
  6. I paint, sing, write and make a mean enchilada.
  7. London’s Southbank is one of my favourite spots in the world but my heart will always belong in Ireland.

Apparently I now have to nominate 10 bloggers for this award. Over two months, I’ve sourced so many brilliant blogs. I’m still not entirely sure how this works but will list 10 blogs below whose posts I devoured today:

  1. Bonnywood Manor
  2. Transcribingmemory
  3. Gregory Josephs
  4. Artiche
  5. Richard Berkshire
  6. Grief Happens
  7. Jellyfish Review
  8. Diganta Misra
  9. Ceolsigehanna
  10. Aquileana

[À la Gypsy Rose, I enter stage right, take a bow, remove satin glove and exit.]

20 thoughts on “Very Versatile”

  1. “Wrote a novel by accident” haha. I was like “bleh” . I started one but I don’t know why I never completed it, I just lost it. Takes a lot of effort to write a novel . And yeah congratulations on the award . Wait what I’ve been nominated ? Seriously? Wow . Okay . Thanks a ton . I really feel humbled now . 🙂

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    1. I’m a big fan of your blog so, yes, suck up the glory of a virtual award…okay, it’s got some merit in that another person tipped their hat to your writing!

      Novels get lost, get buried, never see the light. Today, blogging feels far more effortless and fun.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks a lot . Means a lot :’) to be recognized by the likes of proficient and “versatile” writers like you. Yes indeed , I have 2 half written lying in the cobwebs . Blogging is much more easier . Agreed

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  2. Estella, thank you so much for the mention. I was innocently dropping by just to see what you were up to (and apparently I haven’t gotten far enough in my email to see the link notification), so I was pleasantly surprised. Now, that aside, I greatly relished reading the seven facts about you. Often times, with other bloggers, these facts are often mundane, but you broke the mold and I’m happy you did so…. 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Many thanks, Mister Lageose. A trip to Bonnywood Manor is my favourite holiday blog spot. Yours is the most creative, enjoyable read on the net, methinks.

      Suck up the glory, however it comes (even in virtual award form or the occasional Oscar statuette). Remember: always be ready for your close-up!

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    1. I really enjoy your writing. You’ve created a lovely online space for readers.

      If you wish to post about this award, these are the rules:

      -thank the person who nominated you with a link to their blog
      -perhaps incorporate the Versatile Award image
      -share seven facts about yourself
      -nominate ten blogs you value.

      No pressure to participate but I wanted to honour ten bloggers I value so glad it landed with you!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Presently, the old novel’s busy propping open a creaky door. That functionality outweighs my fear of rereading its pages of dribble and dross after all these years.

      Some days life is such a farce!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow, this took me on an unexpected journey from a hitherto unknown musical to a realisation we share a love of the Southbank and beautiful Ireland. What a validation that the novel you accidentally wrote was immediately accepted by your first-choice publisher; I hope you will dust it off soon, and that it sees the light of day in this modern world. And I couldn’t agree more about Ceolsigehanna; salutes to you both.

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